Motivation Monday: Despite the Hate, Just keep Moving!

By Wr. Ajiambo Immaculate

I’m yet to find out if natural hate for someone exists. Some people talk of hating on a person even before interacting with them. I want us to direct our gaze to the people who surround us. Top on the list is an acidic colleague. Truth be told, if you are in a group with such a person who keeps on stepping on your toes she will finally corrode the edges of your sanity.

Look into the life of Emmy. She is a go getter, simple and energetic campus lady. She starts her day by attending the morning mass then a fully packed day of lectures some of which run up to four hours. Luckily, the professors of literature are not lazy but interesting to be around with. When the evening comes and it is a Tuesday she has to attend a press club meeting. As a responsible member she goes prepared with her presentation and  points to raise for the growth of the media house. At the end everybody gets thrilled by her. Then, she realizes that there is a gloomy face among the attendees. She ignores it like a classy lady ought to as it is not the first time she is encountering her attitude.

The next Tuesday, she gets engaged with academic matters and sends an apology to the chairperson. That evening she gets notified by a friend that she was on the verge of being impeached as an official for missing out the meeting as it was proposed by the lady who has an issue with her. For heaven’s sake the hate is going overboard that the members can notice. The Teflon cover on Emmy keeps her going through the semester though it is marred with much difficulty from fault finders, haters and discouragers. On the other hand Emmy has been involved in other clubs and societies that have had several successful activities. It is the Emmy, the go getter.  Unfortunately, the daily torments posted in the group chats aimed to target Emmy hurt her gradually. Emmy wants to leave the toxic environment but there is something to gain beyond the pain. Should Emmy quit the game? Never!

Indeed. There will be no space in anyone’s Curriculum Vitae or biography to outline the people he thinks contributed to his failure at a particular phase. Whether one does good or bad people will always talk. Look around you, there will always be that person who tries to make others look bad in one way or the other. Keep doing what you do best as life is short to start brooding over negative people.

Immaculate Ajiambo is a student of English Literature at Moi University. Her email?-

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