People do not commit suicide, they succumb to it

By Wr. Njeri Macharia


Respect people’s pain…


Respect each others’ pain; because you may understand what someone is going through but you sure as hell can’t feel how they are feeling. Don’t ever tell someone going through pain that others are having it worse; they would give anything to have what they have. As much as this helps boost someone’s mood sometimes, it doesn’t necessarily help all the time. There is a time to use such methods of encouragement and the truth is these people already know all these and they can’t handle “guilting”  them into pretending not to feel the pain just because someone else is having it worse.


I know for a fact, first hand experience, that when a person commits suicide, they have had enough. According to them it is the end of the road, it doesn’t matter what the reason could be but from what I know when a person loses their purpose, their reason to live, their hope in life, they might be forced to contemplate the worst.There is nothing worse than losing the will to fight.


Don’t ever tell someone in pain to shake it off. I swear when am depressed and someone tells me to shake it off I feel like breaking their legs and then tell them to walk it off.


We may never understand how someone can choose to end their own life but one thing I should let you know is that suicide is not a choice, it’s a disease. We all are the doctors, a little kindness could go a long way for someone at the edge. Just let them know that you understand them and that you are there for them.


Now before you start saying “mimi siwezi jiua juu ya….” help that person “asijiue juu ya…” be quick to show kindness than judgement.


#mentalillnessawareness #suicide #Bipolar


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