About the Author

Omwa Ombara is a Writing Consultant, political Asylee, Protest Poet and a widely travelled international investigative journalist. She is the Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief at Tujipange Africa Media, a Diaspora E-Magazine (an e-magazine that provides the latest News, Features, Resources and Entertainment from Kenya and Diaspora). She has over 20-year experience in the media and was the first woman bureau chief in 104 years of existence of the Standard Group in East Africa. She holds a postgraduate diploma in journalism and mass communication and a BA degree, both from the University of Nairobi, Kenya. As a Publisher, she  founded ‘Aids Digest’ monthly magazine in 2008 and Maisha Save a Breast Cancer Annual Dinner Dance Fundraiser in 2004. Her writing career started in 1989 with her published poem ‘Holding the Centre’ and her story, “The Wedding,” in the Anthology, “Our Secret Lives”. Omwa Ombara also co-hosts an online Saturday Diaspora Breakfast Live Show, “Kumechacha” (Crossfire) with Grace and Grace. She currently volunteers as an Editor with Safari Yangu, New York office.


About the Book

New Year is one of the sweetest moments in Kenya, the climax of Christmas festivities that gather family from distant ends of the country for two weeks of laughter, sunshine, hugs, food and drink. But in 2007, the dawn of a new year echoed with drums of war. A political contest for the country’s presidency went awfully wrong and in a span of hours, long buried tribal animosities seared to the surface, turning husband against wife, neighbour against neighbour. Machetes clunked against innocent skulls, women were raped, children bludgeoned and the old and infirm violated and murdered in an orgy of violence that lasted weeks and shocked the world. This is a journalist’s account of the blood and tears that destroyed families and stained a nation. Only the politicians won.


Synopsis by Ted Malanda, Alternate Editor, Columnist, The Standard Group, Kenya.  


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