About the Book:

‘Late October’ is a collection of 20 poems by Drew Gachagua which are presented by illustrations from Drew’s dear friend, Mekatilili Bantu. In ‘Late October’, Drew writes about identity, conformity, love, hate, youth and so much more!


Author’s Note:

I began writing out of necessity. It was in a time when I thought that I would take my own life before my 15th birthday. Thankfully, I found something to be passionate about; I found poetry, and I started to write Late October when I was 14 years old, and along the way I found myself. And now, at 16, I am a published poet!

To me, Late October is more than a nostalgic collection of poetry, it is (quite literally) the essence of my adolescence… The pure and youthful paradigm that I saw my life according before, during, and after my heart was ever broken.


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