This collection of poems is assorted emotions that have been refined and brewed. The words have been carefully selected and plucked from an ocean of variety, customized to the needs of humanity and served to you flavored.

A Curve of Darkness is not where you go for answers. Written with such honesty, a touch of vulnerability and an “I am trying to figure this life thing out same as you” attitude, this book is for the lost sheep who don’t want to be found. For those in various curves of darkness, you are not alone. If you are looking for somebody who understands you because they relate with what you’re going through, welcome to the campfire, pull yourself a log and shut up. A Curve of Darkness is an evening best enjoyed in silence.


Munira Hussein is a writer, author, editor and public speaker. Her books range from fiction short stories and poetry to academic books used in primary and secondary schools across East Africa. She is a co-author at Longhorn Publishers, a Pan-African publishing house. She aspires to connect, educate and inspire humanity through her writing. Her books, Unfit for Society and A Curve of Darkness are available at the Library of Congress, Nairobi and on Amazon

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