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Unbroken Wings, the Life and Lessons of Nafisa Khanbhai as written by Lubnah Abdulhalim is a greatly challenging piece of work. While it is easy to complain and go to the streets to beg for help from people as a result of disability, Nafisa could hear nothing of it. Regardless of her situation, she set out to do so much more and be of use to humanity. Most of her initiatives are now well on their own and surely, just these few pages of the book cannot fully cover the wealth of Nafisa’s service to humanity.

As brilliantly as the author, Lubnah has brought it, life is surely more than the physical ability but persistent and deliberate will to be of use to humanity through acts of service.

About the author

Born in Mombasa, Kenya, Nafisa is an Asian Kenyan. She is physically challenged, born with a spinal injury (spina bifida).

She is the founder of ‘Dear Diary Initiative Kenya’ that serves to sensitise people about disabilities and how to help the disabled overcome their challenges.


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