Say thank you more

By Gabriel Dinda

I am learning that, a “thank you” goes a long way in melting some of the most hardened hearts. I have written in the past that even in cases where one doesn’t seem to “deserve” a thank you, saying it is actually the best way out. Cases like after having a bumpy ride with a rogue matatu conductor or an encounter with a mean company secretary. A thank you in appreciation of their “mean” service, is the easiest route to talk to their heart to do things better.

If this is applicable here, it is even more applicable in a family set-up. While some things may be too ordinary, saying the words makes them truly special. For instance, saying ‘thank you’ to whoever made dinner. Or thank you to your wife or husband for ironing your clothes. What a way to make yourself a better person!

Writers Guild Kenya is a family and in all aspects, this is what we aim to be. In that sense, I pray for more “thank you’s” amongst us. While it is right to view privileges as rights and some of the things done to you by others as normal like when someone sends you a link to their blog, make it a habit of saying more thank you. Eventually, you grow into a better person.

Take a scenario whereby the efforts of Writers Guild Kenya you manage to secure a job. The first natural thing to do is to inform the person who helped you through this and possibly thank them on behalf of the family. An advanced way would be to make a commitment to give a small percentage of your pay to Writers Guild Kenya to help in running it so that the set-up remains strong to help other people to get help as you did. The contribution can be a commitment you make like you would to your mum. Only then, shall we be clear in our view of this as a family.

Some may be grumpy that this is another way to deny them the benefits of their hard-earned salary or view it differently, which is okay. Like the ten lepers in the Bible, while it wasn’t wrong for the nine to disappear and just go, the one who came back to say thank you was more peaceful at heart and naturally, his case more memorable. Human beings work in a unique way. If one advances an opportunity to you and they recognize from your action that you appreciate it more, they will tend to do more to you.

There are many ways to ensure that we build a sustainable home. We have benefitted from this home immensely and ploughing back what we have earned will just be one of the ways. Viewing it and giving it a priority in our thoughts and prayers would be another avenue. Thinking of it when planning to donate things we own or come across will be another way. The more we have received the sacrifices of others, the more we should sacrifice ourselves. Then collectively and together, we enhance the virtue of charity and facilitate the building of this home, which is for the benefit of us all.

Writers Guild Kenya is not owned by any of us. It is owned by God and He has entrusted us with its growth and administration. He expects, in different ways that we give ourselves so that we may all contribute and own this wonderful home. Whether through your energy, your time, that phone call to say thank you, giving a part of your pay, dedicating a piece of what you no longer need; whichever way you deem fit, make it deliberate to say thank you more, not just to members of our family at Writers Guild Kenya but even to the extended family of humanity.

I hope you find joy and happiness in doing this.

This was a Hope Letter written to the members of Writers Guild Kenya in the month of August in the series of monthly reflection of building the Writers Centre. 

Gabriel Dinda is the founder of Writers Guild Kenya.

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