Sexorcised Yet?

Sexorcised Yet?

By Rehema Zuberi

The textbook dream is to be birthed, go to school, get good enough points to admit you to a national school. While there, you dip your feet in water during nights when many are asleep to garner a good enough grade to admit you to higher education so that you pursue an enviable course. If you are lucky, get a scholarship. When luckier, be shipped abroad and when you happen to land a good deal there, we will point fingers at our poor development here as the reason for this brain drain.


When all is said and done, marry or get married, depending on your gender. Because the world is changing and homemakers are also equal bread winners, the life partner you choose must have an education as well as skills to make chapatis better than your mother. Cars in your garage. Then you will drown in the cycle of family life, have 2.5 children and puff your chest out in the village during Christmas as you are making a killing in the city. Create a retirement home with the monies amassed from your years and years of building the nation. Finally call it quits at your job, settle into farming while spending quiet evenings with the man/woman of your dreams until one of you whizzes off into the afterlife.


The dream is lathered with much success. Until somewhere in your midlife, life presents the CRISIS to disarray the plans you have been stacking and ticking off.


This is what happened to Bruce Momanyi at the height of his life. A beautiful wife to crown his arm with an ample ass to boot and three children to complete the profile of a perfect family. Then the cookie, does what it does best, it crumbles.


Written in impeccable style, a sort of Kenyanese as one Tatu Reginaldah calls it, the book is easy to plough through. The women in the book unravel in tasty fashion before one’s eyes. The scenes and events building the book are raw and relatable. Like any meal, Sexorcised is a book you need to have a taste to tantalize your senses with the goodness present.


For many years, the literary scene in Kenya has been punctuated with periods and commas of motivational books and a worrying circulation of e-books of famous authors from the outside. But the time has come when one after another, Kenyan writers are revealing the prowess they hold when it comes to the ink. Of these, is one tall Silas Nyanchwani. His first novel after years of entertaining readers with hundreds of pieces in newspapers, it is evidence of a well-versed collective in matters writing.


The title is a clever combo of sex and exorsice. In context, Sexorcised is using sexual intercourse as the driving force off evil. To be more specific, Bruce Momanyi struggles to find his way back in the world after he becomes estranged from his wife, Lucy.While the novel corroborates straightforward transition from page to page, finer editing could certainly give it a pop above its quality.


Having made long strides in the world of literature, you will not need to read Sexorcised under the table, between the covers or in the washroom as David G. Maillu’s After 4:30 was rumored to be done. Not many book titles have this abracadabra but become Sexorcised at only 999 ksh from bookshops such as

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