I have never graduated before so this is my first graduation. I am beaming with gratitude and humility and I would like to thank God for this chance. He’s the author of all. I would like to thank the teachers that took us throughout this class: Dr Waweru who was full of passion, Ms Omwa Ombara the queen of positive vibes, Konyanjui Kombani who took us through publishing and statistics and Lucas Wafula the brutally sweet teacher.
My classmates were amazing. The classes were full of life than I have found out here. In my scandalous classmates I found love, laughter which translates to happiness, I made friendships and I have found a writing family in them.
I thank my dad in absentia. I would also like to thank my auntie Mercy who’s here today for the support she’s given me.

This class wouldn’t have been a success were it for Writers Guild Kenya. I would like to recognise Gabriel in particular because he’s the cornerstone of this class. Every time I think of him, I think of Abraham in the Bible. Gabriel is surely a father of many writing nations. He’s full of love, kindness and has the purest heart such that when think of passion, I don’t need to look it up in the dictionary because I think of Gabriel and boom! I have the definition.

To my classmates, this is the end of the beginning. We’re ending being bachelors and spinsters and entering into marriage. Everyone expects that we bring forth children in terms of books and I am confident that the future is full of literary success.

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