The CBC System Controversy

The CBC System Controversy

By Brian Joseph

When the competency based curriculum was first initiated back in 2017, it received so many appraisals by majority of Kenyans since it was aimed at developing the skills of a learner .The aim of the system is to develop skill that will help the learner be able to solve daily life challenges. Fast forward now five years later and most parents are complaining about the same same system they approved back in 2017, with so many parents complaining that the system is expensive.

That said I would like to shed some light on the same and try to show the parents the merits of this system. First, the learner will obtain better decision making abilities and skills. Since he or she gets exposed to so many things in school while learning that help them see things in a different angle. In a way the system makes them feel mature since they are able to know that they are accountable for every bad /good decision they makes. Example: If a learner decides to litter the environment he or she knows that by action of littering the environment, that the litter may or will find its way to our rivers, which in turn will make the water to get polluted and there after the Learner may suffer from a waterborne disease since the water the learner drunk was polluted. By knowing such a thing the child won’t pollute the environment.

The system is also based on producing the best out of every student. It ensures that the learner unleashes all her /his potential in what the learner is good at. The system aims at making sure that after the learner unleashes the hidden potential in him or herself. From there the teacher knows that even if the learner goes out there to the society, then the learner can stand for him or herself. It also makes sure that those students who were formerly lagging behind in their exams don’t feel left out as they are shown they can do something else better .By doing that, the students  become respected members of the society furthermore not everything in this life needs knowledge gotten from books.

The system is also digital based as they learn and interact with computers at a very tender age. Unlike the 8-4-4 system where most students only got to access a computer after clearing secondary school. Which was sometimes too late since some students lose hope after failing in their Kenya certificate of secondary education exam and feel like they will also fail computer packages but as for C.B.C the learner gets to familiarize him or herself with a computer as young as the child is. This helps in that if the kid’s talent is based in computing then the teacher makes sure that the talent is cultivated until the child is a computer expert.


C.B.C aims at equipping the learners with knowledge about community service and works. I bet we have at least seen our kids gracing our markets and towns doing some cleaning. This will help the learner know that it is his or her responsibility to offer services to the community for a better and prosperous country. Since we can’t have a generation that thinks that it is the responsibility of the   Municipal councils to do the community service works.

The system is all rounded unlike the 8-4-4 system which was one sided where learners we’re forced to stay in class for many hours .Doing their theory lessons and have very little or no time for practical lessons that the only time a child gets time to be outside the classroom was during the breaks and physical education classes which only graced the timetables once a week. That means if a certain kid’s talent is in running or playing football he or she got a little time to utilize that talent but in C.B.C the children get involved in everything.

You may find that maybe during the morning hours the learner is in class studying some theory lessons .And in the afternoon they are out there in the field either playing, being taught how to cook etc. Unlike the 8-4-4 system where from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm the learner has not even had a chance to do something else it is only books, books and books till the end of the day.  Which is very bad and unhealthy even and even as the saying goes more work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?

  1. B. C is aimed on pre-eminence and interest areas unlike the 8-4-4 system which was based on passing exams, becoming number one and your school gracing the papers due to exemplary performance but C. B.C looks at how good a child is in both theory and practical not just a matter of taking the kid’s answer sheet and putting ticks and inverted v’s. In C.B.C no child is a failure rather all of them are equal.
  2. B. C provides our children with opportunities to think outside the box, discover new ideas which the teachers help in bringing the ideas to a reality. The learners are encouraged to find and generate solutions to some problems in life and once they find them they are appreciated and encouraged to do more. Which has not been the same case for the 8-4-4 system where most things we’re done according to the books example: During a math’s lessons the teacher would show the learners how a certain some is solved and then there was always that student that had another formula on how to solve the same problem .Again it still sad to realize that at times you would find the teacher recommending his way of solving and tell the student that yes he got the answer but he or she “cooked ” it but in the competency based curriculum learners are encouraged to find new solutions to new /old problems in our society.

Lastly as I finish I would like to challenge those opposing the C.B.C and ask him or her. Do you want to have a society where we have so many learned people but can do nothing with their hands?? How about those who have talents where do you want them to take them to?

Back then in secondary school I used to see people who took part in Drama /Music festivals being awarded certificates so my question is since you are against CBC then what we’re those certificates meant to do if not helping those individuals get jobs in the art sector?

Let’s learn to appreciate our God given talents and let’s also stop critizing the C.B.C since as we have seen above. C.B.C is the future; it is helping build a new generation of responsible future leaders and citizens of our country.


Brian Joseph


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