By Sylvester H Wauye

This is what must happen.
When the powerful
despise the powerless
When the affluent
despise the impoverished
When the towering
despise the lowly
When the satiated
despise the hungry
When the happy
despise the sad
When the healthy
despise the sick
When the potent
despise the impotent
When the righteous
despise the spotted
When the proud
despise the meek
When the thorough
despise the sloppy
When the circumcised
despise the uncircumcised
When the mature
despise the immature
When the patient
despise the impatient
When the beautiful
despise the ugly
When the quick witted
despise the slow witted
When the sound
despise the crippled
When fire
despises water
When water
despises fire
When the mountain
despises the valley
When the valley
despises the mountain
When men
despise women
When women
despise men
When the young
despise the old
When the old
despise the young
When the sun
despises the moon
When the moon
despises the sun
When white
despises black
Justice, like a river
Must flatten the monts.

@Sylvester h Wauye

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