The Scar

The Scar

Bitten but not written,
The frothing pain that’s hidden,
Memories juggling yet still fresh,
A long time event still unbrushed,
That day,
That Pain,
Still burning within,
The Scar!

Hustles that become tussles,
Yet none could make him Jason,
Not even his name,
Nor his ancestral fame,
Could give him a job,
The ancient days never passed,
His memory still undisturbed,
The deal that could not make Him Heal,
He must have thought,
That maybe it was brought,
Though young but weary,
The future still blurred,
With memories not of Roses,
But unhealed feelings of hatred,fear and uncertainty,
The Scar!

Adapted from Poetry of its Time by Emmanuel Otieno Obwanga

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