The Uncovered Meal

By Erick Kitheka

Uncovered dish exposes the meal
A hungry man is enticed
A covered dish keeps guesses of the food
A hungry man guesses in awe
For a meal uncovered is an enticement
And a covered meal is depicted marked
Down at our market
There is an open-air market
There they sell the uncovered meals
For the hungry man to purchase
Many are the hungry vultures
Affluent and notable
Purchasers of foods up for grabs
The meals range from fat steak to the emaciated steak less bones
All for the willing purchasers
From men of the cloak to the Sippers of the tipsy waters
To the globe-trotting truck drivers and young men too shy to convince a meal bearer to uncover the lid
All in the queue for a taste of this god-given meal
For don’t they say, that a god-given meal does not stale
In the dark the whisper
In bargain for the price
The meal is a necessity
But like an illicit drug it is traded off
To the wanting buyer
In quick sessions, they go to the dining room
And soon the client shall leave satisfied
With the wanting magnetic rod unpolarized
And off he shall go
To leave like the dignified being he is
Far better than this
Open-air market trader
Of the uncovered meals
Though not completely uncovered
The meal is still the uncovered meal
Uncovered from the eyes of the wanting
Uncovered from the risk of forceful grabbers that inflict pains
Uncovered from the risk of diseases
But still
It helps fill many
The Hungry wanting ones
Who are daily purchasers
The uncovered meal

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4 thoughts on “The Uncovered Meal”

  1. Emmanuel Otieno

    Of this Government’s Heaven

    Duty is mine says the beauty,
    Vote me in and have the dream,
    Luxury and fame ,
    That no man can take,
    Mine is the role to implement ,
    To you is to increment,
    And flows the growth,
    In provide you with wealth ,
    Only promised in heaven,
    That duty remains told,
    Of the foreseen government heaven.

    Pay tax ,
    And stop buying wax,
    Both rich and humble,
    Of the government role to stop the tumble,
    Not even dreaming for a scramble,
    For this government is full of light,
    Too much to scare the might,
    That threatens to remove the heaven,
    Which in reality is Haven,
    Though it’s life ,
    To appreciate the ride,
    Of this Government’s Heaven.

    By Emmanuel Otieno Obwanga
    Poetry of it’s time 2020

  2. Emmanuel Otieno


    To be loved,
    And not love,
    Is a cruel thing indeed,
    Same way you love ,
    And you are unloved ,

    She teased me ,
    And made me chased after her,
    She threatened to block me,
    As if I was a brook ,
    Her eyes and mouth suggested something different ,
    A peaceful glow of love ,
    A piece of new hub,
    That love ,
    Made me mad ,
    Though she threatened to kiss me,
    While I waited her to kick me out
    Love so strange

    Adapted from Poetry of it’s time
    By Emmanuel Otieno Obwanga

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