By Sylvester H Wauye.


What can you do

When a man who claims to be more manly than you

Gains forceful entry into your manor?


I thought that when a thief wants to steal

They rivet their eyes

On the prize they want to lift from the crib!


But these men,

Before they do the deed they want to do,

First tie you up

And inform you that your fate was already sealed by a group of weasels

At a meeting in Berlin.


When the cloud in your head lifts, you set eyes

On your assailants in shock

As you realize that he was the one preaching at the pulpit, Bible in hand!


How much indignity will you go thru

As your beloved is treated like a fugitive?


She is stripped, raped and ripped apart

Before your very eyes

As your heart  sears in pain.



She is left


While both of you are broken.


You ain’t seen sin yet!


They will cast lots

And break into your vault

Stealing, plundering and shipping away your gold, diamonds and artifacts

To the place they call

Land of the brave

Brave new world

Before they dig a grave

To bury you both alive.


It’s a though they are more entitled than you

And the stream that sired warriors in your lineage, long dried up.


A wise son maketh a glad father.

A foolish one is heaviness to his mother.

When children you had hopes on also become weasels, they breach your trust,especially when they,

Steal and conceal

Slash and stash

Vast sums of wealth abroad

In offshore accounts.


They dug a grave for Africa,

But after ripping and raping her

A new forest grew

Filling up the grave.


The stone the builders rejected became the cornerstone.

Africa shall arise.

Nkosi sikelela Africa.


@Sylvester h Wauye.

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