Three stones

Three stones.

A community would cook

Only three stones it took.


They would put a pot

On three stones on top.


As the potted food boiled

The stones they’d surround.


Enjoying the emanating heat

Many stories would heat.


Wisdom would be passed

History would be narrated.


One day visitors came

Things wouldn’t be same.


Three stones waste energy

They uttered with energy.


Expatriates told the indigenous

They shared their genius.


A gas cooker they proposed

Was much more convenient.


They said it cooked faster

And left little heat to waste.


The community advice it embraced

The three stones it abandoned.


Stories never again were told

The community disjointed.


Its culture dislocated

In absence of three stones.


By, Fanon Kihu.







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1 thought on “Three stones”

  1. I concur with the author.
    We should bring back our three stones to salvage what is left of our tradition.
    With a few words you have said it all.

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