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Throughout our journey of growing Writers to do good through the pen, we have met a number of people whose support have enabled us to keep the fire burning for 6 years now. We have met people who were not necessarily interested in writing, but were thrilled at our commitment to grow Writers. Such people committed resources and time to support our work. We owe our growth, largely to such generous support.

During our 5th Anniversary celebrations, we were challenged to find a way to appreciate these people and bring them closer to the Writers Guild Kenya family. To achieve this, we introduced the Tunza Membership Category. Tunza is a Swahili word for Nurture. We believe you have nurtured us and that’s why the name befits you.

As a Tunza member, we ask you to offer whatever you have to nurture Writers Guild Kenya to keep growing writers and encouraging them to serve the society selflessly. You could offer professional expertise, time, monetary support, advice, contribution to the Chapisha Chipukizi kitty, specific support to different activities, buying books for others, marketing Writers Guild Kenya to people who might be interested in its activities, sharing Writers Guild Kenya’s posts on social media, attendance in some activities, mentor a writer or any other thing you are willing and able to offer. Your generous contribution will go a long way in growing writing and reading and making our world a better place.

As a Tunza member, our promise to you is to keep to the course and truly endeavour to grow writers that serve the world with their gifts. In addition, we hope to pray for you, constantly keep you on the know of all we do, share with you any opportunities that we believe can benefit you, engage with you occasionally, and always consider you a crucial member of the Writers Guild Kenya family.

Here’s a little story of our first Tunza Member, H.E Ms. Brenda Muntemba(now the late)

On 2nd November 2016, H.E Ms. Brenda Muntemba, the High Commissioner of Zambia to Kenya(at the time), was a guest at the Career Manenoz event at YMCA, Nairobi. We had partnered with YMCA and our writers were part of the ushers and general volunteers in the event. Ms. Muntemba was impressed by how we served others(selflessly). She sought to know more about the “group” and that’s how Writers Guild Kenya got a lifetime friend and mentor. Eight months later, Ms. Muntemba visited our Writers at Writers Ekklesia and was greatly impressed with our efforts. Here is the video of her speech.

She promised to support us and become one of us forever. At that point, she asked for the appropriate category in which she would join us. Unfortunately, the categories of membership at the time didn’t accommodate her. “How about you create a category where those who admire your work, even if they are not writers or active readers, can support your work and together grow the writers?” She suggested.

We thought of Tunza Membership category but did not actualize it immediately. Ms. Muntemba thereafter volunteered to train our team on servant leadership skills. For the next four months, Joy Ruguru, Paullette Anyango, Lisa Osiako, Ivy Aseka, and I would have a 10 am date with the Ambassador at the High Commission of Zambia to Kenya in Nyerere Road every Monday. After four months, we “graduated” and she asked us to serve others using the skills we had learnt.

Ms. Muntemba encouraged me to pursue a Postgraduate Degree which he considered. Upon securing admission to study Masters in Applied Philosophy and Ethics(MAPE) at Strathmore, Ms. Muntemba contributed partly to his school fees. I extended an invitation to Ms. Muntemba to deliver a public lecture at Strathmore University which she honoured to. On 17th August 2018, Ms. Muntemba delivered a Public Lecture at Strathmore University. I captured the lessons from her speech here

We lost Ms. Muntemba in March 2019 after a road accident. Though not with us physically, we remember her commitment to be our Tunza Member forever. 

This is a journey of a Tunza member; doing the little you can, for the greater good of all. This is the journey we are inviting you to.


Should you wish to join our family and be a Tunza Member, please fill this form below and we will reach out and guide you further.


Thank you very much.


Gabriel Dinda

Founder, Writers Guild Kenya

Our First Tunza Member, (the late), H.E Ms Brenda Muntemba, Former High Commissioner, Zambia to Kenya when he visited Writers Guild Kenya in 2017.

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