We are what we eat

                                      We are what we eat

By Pricilla Kona

Perceive an athlete in his/her  motion ; the human body is a master piece! Cell, tissue, organ, and  twelve organ systems all interconnected in physiological harmony. To think it all begins at conception with a balanced and adequate diet. Again visualize yourself at 70 years  vibrant and athletic, how did you get here? Genes aside, you must have given nutrition a chance.


  1. a) Plant or animal.

Who doesn’t love nyama choma  (grilled meat)? The good news is, animal protein is superior in nutritional value and taste. It’s significantly better at body building and repair. The bad news is, it’s  ‘bad’ cholesterol content is high. Thus its requires limitations in consumption.

If you’re obese (BMI above 40) a legion of challenges will attend your existence, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, heart disease, cancer; present day’s killer conditions threatening life on the planet. Not to mention the body image issue you’d endure.

From mother earth’s palms , we reap fruit, nut, leaf, stem, tuber, root, bud and flower whose healing property is priceless. From the divine stroke of the Creator’s hand they occur in an impressive array of colors ( green, yellow, orange , indigo, blue, purple, red) and refreshing flavors.

A  plant powered diet is largely disease free, its healing and refreshing property priceless ; quenching free disease radicals in the body . Examples;

  • Pawpaw, and squash aid digestion,
  • Soya beans, pumpkin reduce cholesterol,
  • Artichokes , loquats,( have you ever seen these ?) help detoxify in the liver,
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away, these are potent astringents (softens the intestinal mucosa).
  • Rice, potatoes, and cabbage are diuretic -improve urine production,
  • Beetroot, passion, citrus fruit aid in blood formation,
  • Avocado, peanut, simsim ., other nuts harbor natures best oil, that are heart friendly,
  • Herbs; medieval, tasteful, and therapeutic keep the appetite flowing and the disease germs on their toes..
  • Do you, like I , cherish mushrooms; proteinous, and healing?
  • The seeds, nuts, cereals, fuel and build the body.
  • Plant foods are anti-carcinogenic (prevent cancer).

Aren’t these the foods that our ancestors ate and lived longer and better?

Foods that fill our bodies and hearts with  with , health, joy, peace, comfort?

But plant or animal, natural foods are perishable and have occasioned the advent of…

  1. b) Convenience foods. Convenience?

Little  in labor and time demand, but more in money?

These are ready to eat, their list endless; fizzy drink, refined flours, crackers, sausage,colorfully arrayed in mimicry of nature’s own color as well as flavor.

Their shelf life is impressive thanks to preservatives whose nutritional benefit on the human body remains in doubt.

They are perceived to be also fattening thanks to their fat and sugar content.


  1. c) Enter now the Functional foods, modified by fortification .You have already seen them on shop shelves, ’enriched with vitamin A, B, D…’

They are beneficial due to additional nutrients.

Case in point; yogurt  which  is associated with gut integrity.

  1. d) People with special nutritional requirements require diet pills or food Supplements – concentrated forms of nutrients like Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin D or amino acids. Sold under the health watchdog; Food and Drug administration regulations, these foods find recommendation for pregnant mothers , vegans, HIV clients, smokers, sportsmen to correct nutritional deficiencies. Toxicity is possible due to indeterminate dosages.

e)Can science be superior to Mother Nature?

Unless you live in Mars you have heard of the Genetically Engineered foods , calculated to defy nature’s seasons of drought and disease.

Plus these are longer lasting in shelf life, and do they also linger in the body? The gigantic , tasteless tomato and pumpkin crowd this list , their flavor incomparable to their kin of yore which had zing, zest..

Not an act of God.

Does this mean we have nutritious, beneficial foods, as well as  harmful, disease and disorder causing foods?

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates -380 AD.

Pay the farmer now or pharma later.

And live longer, look better , feel happier, weigh less, think more clearly,  and become more active.

How healthy is your choice of food?

We can’t afford to live dangerously. This is the only body we have.

What are you hungry for today?



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