What is Writers Guild Kenya?

Q1. What is Writers Guild Kenya?

We are an award-winning writers’ organization, committed to serve, educate and grow authors aspiring to use their writing & reading as a tool to be and do good.

Through various education and empowering programs, we work unconditionally towards truly growing writers and encouraging reading in our families. Using personalized, friendly and custom-designed models, our organization provides a single platform for true growth in love, service and personal development for the good of all.

If you are interested in love, service, and writing, then you are one of us.

Q3. How can we help you grow?

  1. Guidance, Mentorship, and Companionship– We are a family, literally. And this will just take you to attend one of our sessions to agree. Through this, we foster freedom, responsibility, and love in our writers.
  2. Peer Review, Encouragement & Exchange of ideas- A peer review process is a structured avenue where ‘senior’ writers guide others through the writing journey, and together writers hold each other’s hands to ensure continuity, growth, and exchange of ideas.
  3. Opportunities, Sharing and Networking- Through our activities, Partnerships, and the engagements that we take part in, being part of us gives you more opportunities to explore than those which you can create on your own.
  4. The Person you are- Before you are a writer, you are a human being. All our programs are sensitive to your intrinsic needs. Hence, be sure to be treated with the dignity you deserve.
  5. Practical solutions to Publishing– For some, self-publishing is the best avenue. For others, it is the traditional publishing that they need. For all, we guide them appropriately and ensure that we achieve our goals.
  6. True service to humanity– We encourage our writers to be problem solvers and not mere writers. Therefore, we support those who take the initiative to go beyond the keyboard. All our programs are designed to make you a better person.

In a nutshell, all we do revolves around the following;

  • Love and service to God-When all is said and done, we all have that desire for God that only Him can satisfy. We attempt to help you get closer to where you belong.
  • Love and service of other people– At the end of it all, it means everything when it serves the common good. Because it is good for us, then it is good for me and not the other way around.
  • True growth to the person– We direct your desire to be a better person and to truly grow in your technical skills, professional skills, and interpersonal skills through our Growth Platforms.

Q4. What are some of the Growth Platforms that we have?

  • Writers Ekklesia– Every week on Friday from 2 pm, we meet at the Library within the National Museums of Kenya to enjoy the company of each other as we sharpen our skills through training, mentorship, and education.
  • Writers Chats-Every so often, we organize specialized events and interactions with strategic people to help our writers Grow. The chats take place on either a Wednesday or Tuesday at our offices.
  • E-learning facilities and online Platforms-We have a collection of avenues through which we interact and share opportunities for true growth.
  • Personalized Mentorship-We have a culture of holding each other’s hands. Through our unique personalized approach, we try to understand you beyond the pen and inspire in you a desire to grow. We attempt to listen to you.
  • Professional Consultations- We have a pool of consultants in different areas we are available to our writers upon arrangement. With this, we hope to inspire our writers to aspire for excellence in their writing.
  • Strategic Partnerships-Our strong network of members, mentors and professional partners puts us in a privileged position to be partners to conferences, workshops and other opportunities which only serve to make our writers better.
  • Hope Letter-This is a letter shared with our members on a monthly basis with a view to updating them on areas that require their attention.
  • Self-publishing Funding-With the Chapisha Chipukizi kitty, we invite partners to donate towards giving good writers, who lack the finances to publish their books a chance.
  • More than writing– When we are not writing, we are probably doing something more exciting like excursions, engaging in sports, visiting scary places and doing all you long to do.

Q5. Does Writers Guild Kenya publish books?

Yes. Our aim is to grow competitive writers, whose writing can be published anywhere in the world. Ours is to demand more from our writers and to provide the platform for growth. However, Writers Guild Kenya offers Self-publishing services as part of the Comprehensive Editorial Consultancy that it does. Here are the 7 easy steps to self-publishing with us:

1.Evaluation: Writers Guild Kenya receives the manuscript (or the first few sections) and does an evaluation (to determine readiness for publishing).

  1. Contract: Once evaluated, and established to be ready for Publishing, WGK and the author signs a Self-Publishing Contract (containing the terms and the costs).
  2. Strategy: The timelines are set and agreed on by both parties.
  3. 4. Perspectives: Editorial work sets in (Editing, Proofreading, Design and Layout, Approval and Printing).
  4. Evidence: The book is handed over to the author/client.
  5. Presentation: Launch or Distribution arrangements made (if desired).
  6. Inspiration: Your book is now ready to influence the world.


Q6. How do I join Writers Guild Kenya?

You have a chance to be part of this lovely family under the following categories.

  • Incubate Member-You become an incubate of Writers Guild Kenya after attending and graduating from one of the Professional Courses it offers i.e Write Your Passion Course. Our students do not become alumni after graduating, they are forever close to us, hence members.
  • Affiliate Member- You get to be an affiliate members by choosing to be part of the family for a period of a year signified by annual membership. An affiliate member can join in different categories i.e
  • Beginner -This is a writer who; • Has passion for writing but hasn’t started out yet. • Has no blog/vlog, or published works. • Is yet to identify his/her area(s) of interest. • Has not published a book. • Is generally interested in writing but requires close guidance. The cost of membership is Ksh.1500 annually
  • Intermediate-This is a writer who; Has a blog (or outlet channel) and needs improvement. • Has published a book but may not be of good quality. • Has done a course on writing but has not actively been writing. • Has an area of specification but does not know much in the area. • Has actually started writing, but would wish to have more guidance. The cost of Membership is Ksh. 3,000

All the writers under this category are referred to as Affiliate Member of Writers Guild Kenya and may decide to renew registration annually or consider Lifetime membership

  • Kuza Member- Kuza is a Kiswahili word meaning to nurture. This is the membership category formerly known as Mentor/Consultant. A Kuza member is a mentor to others or supports the activities of Writers Guild Kenya in one way of another. They could be professionals who have the spirit of Writers Guild Kenya at heart and would love to nurture it further. Membership in this category is by recommendation only.



  • Corporate Insider- These are entities run by either Members of Writers Guild Kenya or persons who draw inspiration from the spirit of Writers Guild Kenya. They include Writing Chapters run individually in different locations but which together draw strength from the spirit of Writers Guild Kenya. The organizations are independently run by their respective vision bearers. Membership in this category is by approval by the Trustees.

Once a person has identified where they belong, they then fill this form upon which our team members will reach out and guide them further- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfBdtxdJbkzAQowgYQ7U0pEvz8opTC_CyQpEeiZDFZbOeNVfg/viewform


Q7. Who runs Writers Guild Kenya?

Writers Guild Kenya was founded through God’s inspiration by Gabriel Dinda on 16th June 2014. Gabriel Dinda remains the head (officially referred to as Founder & Lead Servant). Gabriel works together with a team of Trustees who are the highest decision making authority in the setup. The Trustees report to the Executive Council of Writers Guild Kenya. The day-to-day execution of operations of the organization is carried out by the Secretariat. Everyone who serves in Writers Guild Kenya is called a Servant





Any further details?


Writers Guild-Kenya

The Writers Centre, Nairobi.



+254 751562750

Facebook/Twitter/IG: TheWritersGuildKenya


© Writers Guild Kenya, 2020.

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  1. This is a well-thought model of growth and service to the society. I endorse, support and recommend this model; most of management and leadership challenges organization experience can be solved with simply adopting model.

    Forever happy to be at home; writer’s guild Kenya.

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