Why don’t you try?

By Gabriel Dinda

At Writers Guild Kenya, we cherish the culture of Trial and Error. This involves encouraging our writers and team members to try ‘something new’ each day.  So much happens when we try. In 2015, we dedicated a day to visit new companies and organizations and pitch an idea to them. Most of the steps we have made over the years are fully attributed to trial and error.

Through this, we have seen so much growth. We have been surprised that we knocked on doors where what we suggested was timely. Many of our writers have taken part in activities, most of them fully paid for, as a result of what they achieved by just trying things out. In fact, as I write this, I am just from a fully-funded Fellowship which I got to be part of as a result of trial and error.

Most of the innovations we have today were invented by people who were probably ‘not serious’. They just asked, ‘what if?’ And tried something new. Unfortunately, we never look at the things or services we enjoy today as products of trial and error.

Why are we so careful?

When I suggested to Michael, my friend, the possibility of approaching a company to ask for an opportunity for his attachment he immediately started telling me why that company won’t accept him. He couldn’t reply on how he came to that knowledge. He just thought the company wouldn’t accept him! When I convinced him and he finally agreed to try, he got the opportunity. Apparently, the company was looking for someone with strikingly similar qualifications as him.

Michael represents a number of us. We are so rigid and afraid of non-existent insecurities. We are so afraid to try things out, always thinking that we won’t get them. Why?

Be a little careless

When it comes to doing something, I suggest that you be a little careless. Do not think too much of the consequences, imagined or real. Most times, all we are afraid of don’t turn out as we thought. Just give it a try. Make this a part of you. The furniture in your house has probably been arranged the same way for years because you think that’s the best arrangement. Is it really? You may be seeing your friends taking part in programs and you think that they are lucky. Why not take a step to just apply for a program today? Must you have enough money set aside to further your studies? What if you just start and seek for sponsorship? Your life could be boring because you are unnecessarily conservative. Come on, how did you know the results yet you haven’t done it yet?

Perhaps with this encouragement, you could take the challenge I took. Try something new EVERY DAY, especially towards the growth of self and service to others. There are no guarantees in the trial but it is the only way to get an opportunity. Keep trying, every day.


Gabriel Dinda is the Founder of Writers Guild Kenya

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