Why we Need More Rehabilitation Centres.

While everyone clearly understands the dangers of involving in drugs, it is quite unfortunate that

majority of individuals including young adults and youths are part of drug addiction problem.

Furthermore, with the increase daily problems and lack of job opportunities, majority of the

youths in the country are currently taking drugs and drinking alcohol under different conditions.

However, through rehabilitation, medical officers can help improve the lives of drug addicts.


Despite this, it is unfortunate that there are only about four to six national rehabilitation centers

in the country. And this is a clear indication that we need more rehabilitation centers

To begin with, although information about alcohol and substance abuse is always available in

many online platforms, the government needs to increase the number of rehabilitation centers in

the country. In most cases, the main aim of rehabilitation centers is to help drug addicts to

recover from substance abuse and prevent any mental disorder problems that may arise due to

drug use. A good rehab center usually has a group of medical providers who can educate and

advice drug addicts about the negative health effects associated with alcohol and drug addiction.

It is usually expected that a good rehab center will heal the addict both physically, spiritually as

well as emotionally and mentally. After careful analysis and initial check-up of the drug addict

condition, the medical officer provides recommendation on the best rehabilitation program.

However, it is worth noting that the healing process differs from one patient to another and there

is need for careful check up and monitoring of the activities of the addicts.


Provision of different therapies is important in preventing drug addicts from elapsing back to

drugs. Thus, best rehabilitation centers should provide personal care and help the patients

overcome their substance addiction. Drug treatment centers should also help in teaching and

educating people about issues concerning drugs and alcohol addiction. Medication counseling,

drug and alcohol treatment as well as other inpatient programs also form part of rehabilitation

centers interventions for drug addicts.


Rehabilitation centers can give an individual an opportunity to change their lives and live normal

rather than focusing on drugs. Having a sound and effective emotional health is important for all

individuals. Rehab centers can also help individuals to build a lot of skills such as time

management, effective spending habits and the ability to work hard and avoid bad company.

And with only four rehabilitation centers in the country, we are likely to see an increase in the

drug addiction problem.


Evance David is a Writer at Writers Guild Kenya. Email – davidevance3@gmail.com

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