You Belong to No Sea

By  Poet Gift

If she could have been a little more than just beauty
I could have swam to save her,
I could have paid the prize and walk into that tarvin,
They called it the Red Sea,
Only the Titanic’s secured their safeties,
I could have, with my big tummy I am sure I could have bribed for my buoyancy,
Then swim,and dive deep for the mermaid,
But she was a little bit tipsy and smelled of an old rag,

I couldn’t battle the winds
Neither wrestle the waves
For she said i couldn’t dine with the sharks
Before i became a whale,
So well, we don’t share the toilets with her.

She used to call me too sweetly
On the shallow waters,
Before fins got shares on her scaled body,
Then deeper ends became her playgrounds,
And she learnt to dance with her pretty tail
Until from her the big fishes learnt to dance
Behind her pretty tail,so well
They surely tailored with her.

………..To be continued

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