By Pricilla Kona

The first 1000 days present 1000  forests of health opportunity.

Hands up every working mother who breast fed her infant  for six months! Bravo!

And now pregnant mothers are facing the knife ,mandatory voluntary counselling and testing for HIV: a clear sign that the interests of their unborn babies is  paramount to all else.

All thanks to a carefully co-ordinated  medical approach ; the now celebrated prevention of  mother to child transmission [pmtct]  program ,one of whose tenets is exclusive breastfeeding for six months to ALL  lactating mothers. Here’s a couple of key ways to promote health.


The priceless benefits of breast milk are unmatched;

  1. Infant health and cognitive
  2. Delay in subsequent pregnancies , ahoy!
  3. Dearth of latter day chronic conditions like diabetes mellitus and heart disease.

To young mothers just the effort of giving your young one a varied and  balanced diet will turn your kid   into a person; glowing, strong and smart

To mothers who like to have a drink here and there, here’s some info. Did you know that a drunk baby eats less and sleeps more? Plus (s)he is prone to the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome [mental retardation]. You wouldn’t  want you child to end up like this,r would you?

Growth spurt in toddlers and adolescent is a function of a proper and adequate diet. So let this be at the back of your mind when preparing your picky  toddler’s plate. Remind the adolescent girl about her fruit, vegetable , liver ,bean,  fish need, a.k.a her iron intake This helps address her lifelong iron needs for blood volume .The adolescent boy will pay you to feed him more now, his energy needs unprecedented. Collectively they will morph into adults.

To  the  young  adult  we  say, a daily brisk   walk improves   your  flexibility , posture, bone and  muscle  tone, heart health  and  can  reduce depression. Eat well . A  poor diet,  rich  in   TOO MUCH processed  foods fat  and sugar daily  sets  you  up  for  latter day  life   threatening conditions like diabetes mellitus,  cancer, heart  disease…will  likely  escort you into   afterlife  too  early.


What influences food choices?

  • Both medical conditions and age
  • Body image. Have you seen women who avoid food for image, raising eyebrows for obvious reasons?
  • Convenience. In spite of their artificial additives , who doesn’t love these; ready to eat food flying off shop  shelves directly  into your stomach?
  • We all eat what we prefer, and prefer what we normally eat. Habit.

What Should I Eat?

A largely plant powered diet , moderate in animal products and plenty in  exercise, is a start.

Optimum good   health  in  adulthood  is  possible and  sits  on  eight planks;

  1. adequate, varied diet                                                                  2 exercise                                                                               3 water                                                                                                4 sunshine                                                                                    5 temperance or moderation                                                          6 fresh air                                                                                      7 rest                                                                                                    8 thankfulness


We are  what  we  eat .

What is on your plate? White or red meat?

Your  health is your wealth from cradle to grave, arguably.




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