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The rich also cry- The 21st century parent By Emily Gatwiri At Minister Lawi’s home, a chopper drops off Lenny her sixteen-year-old son. He is flown to and from Skystar senior school in a private jet daily. His parents opted for day school for their son. On...

               The Covid Generation By Priscilla Kona It is a year full of drama, the recession year 2020. The family arena is filled with surprises; emotional moments, and hold your breath, the eruption on the world scene of child parents ! Was it lack of sex education,...

Mother Africa.   Africa what you sow You need to reap.   To mourn is not enough As all the others laugh.   My motherland My fatherland.   Our strategies let us wire Let’s not go haywire.   Let us ours reflect Objectives not deflect.   As we utilize the outside Maximize on the inside.   If the whole world Africa it emulated.   Would it precipitate? A change...