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CYNTHIA ABDALLAH: WHAT IT TAKES TO BE AN AUTHOR By Andrew Manyuru Cynthia Abdallah is a fantastic and candid author of several books one of which is ‘The Musunzu Tree and other stories’ which is an anthology of short stories and ‘My Six Little Fears’ that is...

Digital Marketing in Kenya: A Behind the Scenes Look By Mary Adhiambo With an unemployment rate of 17%, about 8.09 million Kenyans between the ages of 18 to 34 are unemployed. To cope with this situation more and more young Kenyans are having to learn the skill...

The CBC System Controversy By Brian Joseph When the competency based curriculum was first initiated back in 2017, it received so many appraisals by majority of Kenyans since it was aimed at developing the skills of a learner .The aim of the system is to develop skill...