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Questions unanswered. How did you amass wealth? What do you mean?   Your wealth is in-congruent to your salary. I am a businessman.   Which business do you do? I am a person so blessed.   I thought you were a public servant. Yes, and I am also a businessman.   Which business do you do? I am...

The anatomy of losing books to “friends” By Gabriel Dinda If you have one hundred books in your home library, you have probably lost books of the same quantity to you friends. First they pose as utterly trustworthy. And true, they could be-but not with books. When...

United. The states are united The kingdom united.   Why then, is it a bother, To unite mother Africa?   There is something Against unity hovering.   As the united gain. Exploiters endure pain.   Theirs a wholesome gain The disunited are in pain.   They never want you united Yet they are tightly united.   Who has the most to lose, When Africa decides...