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BASIC LESSONS FROM QUESTIONS OF MY YOUTH PART 1 By Brian Joseph Questions of my youth is a very nice and informative book, the author invites us to help him as he explores answers to many unanswered questions. For example where do our twenty four hours go? The...

A writer’s Tragedy By Phill Ibsen Every girl romanticizes poets and writers on their lips as though that alone would hand them title deeds. They end up pursuing one-night romantic escapades which in their minds mean; Candle lit flame, Red wine and a perfect lyrical song stringing...

The Journey to Publishing By Emily Gatwiri  My name is Emily Gatwiri. I am a budding fiction author.The pandemic period has seen me write quite a lot. I joined Writers Guild Kenya in June this year through Mr. Kinyanjui Kombani who introduced me to Gabriel after I...