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WE DESERVE BETTER. Welcome to the world A world where…   Fake charity is applauded It is celebrated.   Empowering people to be self-sufficient This is heavily scorned.   Welcome to the world A world where…   We are supposed to be competitors Instead of brothers and sisters.   Welcome to the world A world where…   Friendship has been monetized Your network is your...

AFRICA:  BEWARE OF BEING TAKEN TO THE PLANET MARS AS SLAVES. By David Ngugi. Have you seen the advertisement? “The earth is dying! Old!  Tired!  Overpopulated! Polluted! Why not make a fresh start in a new exciting world – Mars?” Certainly not. But it is coming in 100 to 150...

The Year From Hell:II By Priscilla Kona My Son His booming voice is now a whimper. ”Is Covid 19 sexually transmitted ?”  he whines , face mask in hand. My answer is simple but broad, calculated to protect, warn, advice, soothe…. ”That depends on the number of partners.”  I...