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Verah Omwocha-Dinda has close to five years’ experience in book editing. She has written fiction, education books, and guidebooks. Her other works have been published across various platforms locally and internationally. She is currently a Master’s student of Literature at Kenyatta University. She blogs about books at www.veraowocha.com


About the Book

Miaha is a Dholuo word meaning recently married woman.

Diary of the Miaha is a story of a young girl lost in a world too big for her petite body and unwelcome ideas. A girl trying to understand the love of God. And her husband’s. It is about a girl, who is trying to fix puzzles to understand why she is here. And to do what she was sent to do. It’s about a girl on a journey to finding herself. To healing the child in her. To finding peace. And digging deep into her soul, to find forgiveness and hand it to the world. Is marriage welcoming of a young girl, broken in so many ways? She asks.

1 review for DIARY OF THE MIAHA

  1. Gabriel Dinda

    This is a wonderful book. Well written and brutally honest. Try it

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