How to Get a Job in Dubai is a book written for any jobseeker that may have want to seek job opportunities in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates in general. It is a book that is of great relevance to someone whose thinking of changing jobs, one who has been retrenched or fired, as well as a fresh graduate or an individual that has been seeking employment for way too long. This book seeks to bring out clearly and accurately the professional ways of shaping a jobseeker with a goal to land a perfect job. There are millions of jobseekers globally who are daily hunting for the slightest opportunities that will earn them a coin. Therefore, the objective of this book is to put a smile on a jobseeker’s face by assuring them the perfect understanding of the job opportunities. The book is a tool that sets out the basic and professional principles that give the reader insights to that dream job. I am content that all the humbled readers of this book will not only understand the numerous ideas of job seeking that have been outlined comprehensively, but will go ahead to get nice jobs and start new lives.



Mugeni Ojiambo

Mugeni Ojiambo is by training a Biochemist (Bsc. Biochemistry) from the University of Nairobi. Currently, he is a Solutions Consultant with Apple Inc., Middle East. Spanning over nine years of ardent creative writing, he has produced four published and several unpublished books. Some of his fiction books published include, Shades of Misfortunes (2017) and The Winning Team (2019).

He is a world traveller and loves experiencing different cultures and learning new languages. He loves reading, but he is addicted to writing.







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