About the Book

Have you been fantasising about writing a great book? Or you’ve written, and all you get are rejections? The Craft of Creative Writing is the writing companion you need. It will;

  • Give you an overview of writing.
  • Spur you to heighten your writing to a new level.
  • Equip you with tips on creativity sources and writing sustainably.
  • Help you navigate the writing and post writing processes; examining key elements using examples from existing books and texts.
  • Enable you to practice essentials such as editing and re-writing with pointers on what to look out for.
  • Start you on the journey towards earning from your writing.
  • Place you in the know on how to go about Publishing and useful resources for writers.

No matter what your writing goals are, this book ensures nothing stands between you and good writing. It is a handbook. A guide. A reference point. A promise of hope for your writing. Exactly what you need. Writing is work, so let’s get to work, shall we?


About the Authors

  1. Mugeni Ojiambo

Mugeni Ojiambo is by training a Biochemist (Bsc. Biochemistry) from the University of Nairobi. Currently, he is a Solutions Consultant with Apple Inc., Middle East. Spanning over nine years of ardent creative writing, he has produced four published and several unpublished books. Some of his fiction books published include, Shades of Misfortunes (2017) and The Winning Team (2019).

He is a world traveller and loves experiencing different cultures and learning new languages. He loves reading, but he is addicted to writing.

  1. Verah Omwocha

Verah Omwochah has close to 5 years’ experience in book editing. She is a Master’s student of Literature at Kenyatta University. She is also the Publishing Manager at Writers Guild Kenya, an incubation centre for writers and in that capacity has worked with countless writers, advising and mentoring them on their writing as well as overseeing the publishing process. Verah has offered editorial consultancy services to many publishers in and outside Kenya, including the Penguin Books imprint, Ladybird, UK. Her publications include Wendo Tours Nairobi County (Queenex Publishers, 2019), English Literacy Activities, Grade 3 (Longhorn, 2017)(co-authored); Maria and the tomatoes (Nsemia Inc. Publishers, 2016); The Cry of the Crow and other Stories (Vide Muwa Publishers, 2018) (Co-authored); The Crescent Moon( La Case Books, Italy-Kindle Books; 2018); The English Catapult  KCSE Revision Series

Verah also publishes book reviews and commentaries in the varied literary spaces including the Daily Nation, The East African and The Standard.  She has also been published by online journals i.e The African Writer, Kalahari Review,

          Verah won the 2017/8 Tito Livio Award for Historical Fiction for her short story, ‘The Crescent Moon’ and was invited as the Chief Guest to the Chronicae 2018 International Festival of Historical Fiction (Piove di Sacco, Italy). She blogs at:








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