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Incubation Center

Our incubation Center, admits Writers under two main categories: Incubate-Required to sign up for Incubation Classes and all the activities that pertain to it. This is a contractual engagement ending annually. Learn More


Enterprise Writing Services

Do you have any Writing/Related service you would want us to help you in? CV, Cover letter, Proposal, Media Content, Company Profile, Editing, Publishing, Book Launch, Freelance Marketing, Freelance Writing, etc. Learn More


Writing/Reading Advocacy

We believe we will be extinct if we don’t write, and substantively dead if we don’t read. That’s why we advocate for the two areas above through various ways such as writers’meet-ups, boot camps, and expeditions. Learn More

Our Story

Writers Guild Kenya started as a club in Kenyatta University in June 2014. As a club, it was known as Writers Guild. The club operated in Kenyatta University organizing a number of activities and programs to grow writing in the university. With time, following the success of Writing growth in KU and active social media presence, interest grew from different universities and soon branches we started in Kakamega, Eldoret and later Mombasa. With this, there was a great need to have a central coordination point.

The need for a centralized system of management led to registration of Writers Guild Kenya as an Incubation Centre to grow writing across the country.

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Oyunga Pala Ekklesia Writers Guild

We Turning Four, and We’ve Got a Gift!

4 Years ago, a Group of writers came together in Kenyatta University and shared their frustrations regarding lack of platforms to grow and publish quality content for young authors. In these frustrations, we saw Hope. 

We thought, together with you, we could make the situation better. And here we are, still holding on to the belief.

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What Our Published Authors Are Saying

  • Hakika, nilikuwa na muswada kwa miezi kadhaa. Nilipopatana na Writers Guild Kenya nikanusurika. Wamenikuza sana. Siwaachi hadi mwisho wa mwisho wangu.
    Mwandishi wa Riwaya, ‘Ipo Siku”
  • I would recommend Writers Guild Kenya as publishers to anyone who wants to publish their book(s).  I have had an amazing experience with the team. Now, I feel part of the family. It's a fantastic team. The dedication with which they work to make writers happy is so unheard of in publishing.
    Author of ‘Unbroken Wings
  • It has not been an easy journey, but you have to wade through the waters. You have to swim to the end, with patience, courage, and persistence. With The Writers Guild Kenya as your compass, your dream of being a published author can be achieved, like I did.
    Author of ‘Lust of My Ink’
  • Writers Guild Kenya is truly a home for writers. They made me believe in the possibility of publishing a book. They mentored me, supported me, and helped in all the processes of my book. In all these, they made me feel at home, working in a home and friendly environment. This is surely the home of Writers.
    Author of ‘Me Vs. Me: Conversations with my Tomorrow

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The year of holding hands

By Juliet Mwangi. Failing does not necessarily mean you are a failure and it’s never too late to start over. The first Writers Ekklesia meeting held on Friday the 11th of January proved this. Members of the Writers Guild Kenya reviewed their past year while sharing cookies at the Kenya National Museum Library. This year, […]

So, you want to get Published?

By Vera Dinda “Vera, I need your help. There’s this book I want to submit for publication. Please help me edit it.” So I did, though after 2 months. “I wait for so long and this is what I get?” She was furious because I said, “so much needs to be worked on; the story […]

What I learnt from Aspire 2018 Conference

By Rehema Zuberi Aspire 2018 Conference themed Make Your Mark surpassed all the expectations it set. The event running for two days, 6-7th September was fruitful, enlightening, engaging and significantly worth the time. As promised by the organizers, it was almost purely youngin’! From the delegates in attendance to the speakers, panelists; not forgetting the […]