In a sentence, we grow writers for good. We are an award-winning writers’ organization, committed to serve, educate and grow authors aspiring to use their writing & reading as a tool to be and do good.

Through various education and empowering programs, we work towards truly growing writers and encouraging reading in our families. Using personalized, friendly and custom-designed models, our organization provides a single platform for true growth in love, service and personal development for the good of all.

If you are interested in love, service and writing, then you are one of us.



“Can Reading and Writing be used as a tool to do good? Yes. Can reading help me become a better version of myself? Yes. Can a writer use their Writing skills to serve God and influence humanity towards good? Yes. Can I live off writing fully? Yes. Can I make a contribution towards building a True Family of Writers? Yes. Can I grow generally in a friendly environment that challenges me as a writer? Yes. Can I be helped to finally write my thoughts? Yes.”


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Kimathi Class

1. Guidance, Mentorship, and Companionship

Writers Guild Kenya aims to be the ultimate home of Writers where freedom is cherished but guidance is favored. This is where writers truly feel at home and hence free to explore and grow their writing and reading skills.

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2. Peer Review, Encouragement & Exchange of ideas

A peer review process is a structured avenue where ‘senior’ writers guide others through the writing journey, and together writers hold each other’s hands to ensure continuity, growth, and exchange of ideas.

Juliet MWangi(farthest right) sharing a moment with her mentor, Janet Mbugua after the Public Lecture.

3. Opportunities, Sharing and Networking

Through our activities, Partnerships, and the engagements that we take part in, being part of us gives you more opportunities to explore than those which you can create on your own.

4. Humanistic Approach


Before you are a writer, you are a human being. Humane treatment is all you need as you sharpen your writing skills.

5. Practical solutions to Self-publishing

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For all your questions on Self-publishing, books sales, printing, book launch, distribution, book reviews, books drives and all you might want to know regarding books.

6. Selfless service to humanity


Through our platforms, activities, and engagements, we aim to grow a family that cherishes service to others. Through service, the realization of the higher purpose of our writing is achieved, enabling us to grow together.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1. How can I create a time to write?

Writing, like all other things in life, requires proper planning. Many people claim to have written books in their minds. What they seem to lack is time to translate them into real books. The best way is to give yourself a target to write, i.e 500 words daily, keep your word and have an accountability partner to hold you to account.

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Q2. How can I deal with procrastination? I always feel the best time to write is tomorrow.

You perhaps haven't internalized the benefits which writing will bring to you and the joy of seeing your work out there. In addition, this could be a reflection of how easy you are on yourself. Being that the body likes easy things, you get away with this. An accountability partner may help you, and attending different writing sessions/events to get challenged might also help.

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Q3. How do I deal with Writers Block?

Stop writing for a while and immerse yourself in what you love. Travel to a park for instance, or to a place that inspires you. Do other activities other than writing. Sooner or later, you will be excited again to write. Be easy on yourself. Read a book. Eliminate distractions; switch off your phone, de-clutter your space.

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Q4. I am told Africans don't read, who will read my work even if I write?

Your job is to write. If you write a good book/good article, you will get more readers than you thought. The challenge is getting readers for a poorly written piece or book.

Writers Guild Book Launch 😀
June Mukhwana
Writers Guild Poetry 🙂