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Perception. My coat values Just as yours.   Until I tell you To your idol it belonged.   Mine a shoe values As the market dictates.   Until I tell you to To your idol it belonged.   What if us they’ve told? What they’re not.   What if they are not? As perfect as they claim?   By, Fanon Kihu.          ...

The Pen From South Sudan: The journey of John Monyjok By John Monyjok I started writing in the Magang Village back in 2002 after recovering from TB, a chronic illness that almost killed me, but I got the complete and successful treatment for it by the Medicines...

ALL IT TAKES IS A WORD By Ladan Muthengi During these troubled times of pandemics and sequestration, life has turned upside down for some. Jobs have been lost, businesses closed, assets sold off, accounts depleted, relationships tested. Our world is caving in around us and it seems...