The Scar

The Scar Bitten but not written, The frothing pain that’s hidden, Memories juggling yet still fresh, A long time event still unbrushed, That day, That Pain, Still burning within, The Scar! Hustles that become tussles, Yet none could make him Jason, Not even his name, Nor his ancestral fame, Could give him a job, The …

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Mother earth

Mother earth By Faith Atieno Dinda Beaten by this world full of disease in This is not the world we had in mind And even though we might loose today We can’t find the answers to our questions The skyline reminds us of a different time And so if you don’t know how to fix …

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Mother Africa

Mother Africa.   Africa what you sow You need to reap.   To mourn is not enough As all the others laugh.   My motherland My fatherland.   Our strategies let us wire Let’s not go haywire.   Let us ours reflect Objectives not deflect.   As we utilize the outside Maximize on the inside. …

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THE MOUNTAIN By Sylvester H Wauye This is what must happen. When the powerful despise the powerless When the affluent despise the impoverished When the towering despise the lowly When the satiated despise the hungry When the happy despise the sad When the healthy despise the sick When the potent despise the impotent When the …


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BLIGHT By Sylvester H Wauye I wonder how a tomato feels when it’s is attacked by blight. Especially, a ripe tomato shaped in the form of a heart. It looks infested with dark, splotchy, concentric spots as it curls and withers. The blight is difficult to heal when insane jealousy takes command and smothers the …

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