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By Juliet Mwangi. Sharon Magdalyne Akinyi Gwada, commonly referred to as Sharoe is a 22-year old avid writer based in Mombasa. She graduated in 2018 from the Technical University of Mombasa with a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. She has worked with Kenya News...

By Juliet Mwangi. Failing does not necessarily mean you are a failure and it's never too late to start over. The first Writers Ekklesia meeting held on Friday the 11th of January proved this. Members of the Writers Guild Kenya reviewed their past year while sharing...

By Vera Dinda “Vera, I need your help. There’s this book I want to submit for publication. Please help me edit it.” So I did, though after 2 months. “I wait for so long and this is what I get?” She was furious because I said, “so...